Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Backing Up OpenLDAP Database

Backing Up OpenLDAP Database

The OpenLDAP database must be backed up periodically to recover from loss of provisioning data due to media failures, user errors, and unforeseen circumstances.
There are two types of backups we can perform : Hot Backup and Cold Backup

Hot Backup
Regular incremental backups of OpenLDAP database can be performed without shutting down
OpenLDAP. Known as hot backups, they do not interfere with the availability of Shared Services.
(Windows) or
(UNIX) to schedule daily hot backups. This
Hyperion-supplied backup file is stored in
; for example
(Windows) or
This procedure backs up Shared Services configuration files and OpenLDAP.

To run a hot backup:
1.Using a command prompt window, navigate to /server/scripts.
2.Execute the following command.



indicates the path of the directory where the backup is to be stored.

3.Monitor the backup process to ensure that it runs successfully.

Cold Backup
Cold backups are taken after shutting down OpenLDAP.
Data in the OpenLDAP database is synchronized with the data available in the Shared Services
repository. Hyperion recommends that you back up the Shared Services repository along with the OpenLDAP database.

To back up OpenLDAP database:
1.Stop OpenLDAP service or process. 

2.Copy into a secure location.

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