Sunday, January 11, 2009

Display Planning supporting details in FR

Showing Supporting Detail for Planning
When using the Planning Details database connection, and selecting a row, you can display
supporting detail for a member. If supporting detail exists for one or more cells in the selected
row, additional rows are inserted to show the supporting detail. In addition, you can control
whether a page break is allowed within the rows of supporting detail.

➤ To show supporting detail for the Planning Details database connection:

1 Open a report and select a row in the grid that contains a member with supporting detail.
2 In the Row Properties sheet, select Display Supporting Details.
3 Specify whether to allow page breaks with the rows of supporting detail:
● To allow a page break within the rows of supporting detail, select the Allow Page Break
Within check box.
● To keep the parent member and the supporting detail on the same page, deselect the Allow
Page Break Within check box. If the supporting detail does not fit on the current page, the
parent member and supporting detail is moved to the next page.

If the supporting detail spans multiple pages, this option defaults to Allow Page Break
Within and page breaks are used.

4 Optional: To position the supporting detail before or after the parent member, select the Grid Properties
sheet, select the Position category and select an option in the Position of Supporting Detail box:
● To display supporting detail before the parent member, click Before Members.
● To display supporting detail after the parent member, click After Members. This is the

5 Optional: To indent each generation within the supporting detail:
a. Select the heading cell of the member that is going to display the supporting detail.
b. Select Format > Cells > Alignment tab.
c. In the Indent Increases for Each Generation by box, select a positive number by which
you want to indent (to the right) each generation in the supporting detail list, or select a
negative number to indent in reverse (to the left) each generation in the supporting detail

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