Thursday, July 16, 2009

Error while connecting to essbase from FR


This is the error that me and and some of my friends faced while connecting to Essbase from Financial Reporting Studio, while creating grid... Logging into FR studio is working fine that means HSS is up and running but while creating a report in FR when we drag a grid and try to connect to some essbase server it is throwing an Error: " Can't connect to server" so, new server connection is not getting established. Here is the solution :

1. Check if you can connect to any other Essbase server from Studio. If yes, then check if you are using correct login credentials to connect to essbase. Also, try to connect to that essbase server using your login credentials from Excel Add-in or SmartView or AAS.

2. Check if all BI+ Services are up and running on Server.

3. Stop and Start BI+ services in the following order:
1. BI+ Core Services
2. Workspace
3. Financial Reporting Java RMI
4. Financial Reporting Print Server
5. Financial Reporting Report Server
6. Financial Reporting Scheduler Server
7. Financial Reporting Web Server

5. If still problem exists, run config utility for BI+, and re-configure Database with Drop all tables option.


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pravi said...

Hi Chinmay,

Recently, we had run into the same issue. Nothing we found from the logs after so many hours of investigation and had to reconfigure Application Server, Financial Reporting and Web Server. I dont think there is a necessity to configure the database again that will erase all your existing reports.