Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hyperion HBR Run time Prompt (RTP) issue.



In Planning webform HBR is attached , RTP are used and are set as "Run on Save" , "Use Member on form" and "Hide Prompt", but still when we hit save button a pop-up appears asking for RTP members.


1. Make sure that RTP type is set as 'Member' and not 'Members' ... RTP with type as 'Members' will always give a prompt  as it is used to pass more than one member of a dimension.

2. If still problem exists...

 2.1.  Delete the RTP from BR
 2.2.  Create Local Variable RTP
 2.3.  Remove security and save BR.
 2.4.  Assign security and Save BR again.
Cheerz! :)


vandana said...

hey thnks. it was really useful.

Hyperionism said...

U r welcome