Saturday, October 30, 2010

Application Error in FDM , after loading maps having "&" or "@" in it ..


  This is a strange and known bug in FDM ( All versions from 8 to 11) , if you load any map with having  & in any source member name it just corrupts FDM location ... Root cause of this issue is all FDM maps are stored in RDBMS and for any RDBMS & or @  are  special characters so, it creates problems !!!... This is very irritating thing especially when  you have given access to business users to load maps ..

1) Open the FDM Workbench Client and login to the application
2) Choose Tools/Table Editor
3) From the drop down list select the tDataMap table
4) In the "Find" box enter the location id for the location where the
mapping template was loaded. Scroll down to the entries in the table with
the DimName 'Account'. In the SrcKey field you will need to locate any
entries that contain reserved database characters (&,@, etc.). You can
delete these rows by highlighting them and clicking the X icon.
5) Click the Diskette Icon to save the changes.



Ramy Mahrous said...

It's not related to the post issue but when I log to FDM weblogon I got this error Error: An error occurred logging on to the system.
Detail: Hyperion FDM Application Server AppSrv1 is not responding!

and when I do with workbench I don't see my application, do you have any idea or solution?

Thank you

Hyperionism said...


Did u check ur IIS ?

Hyperionism said...

Also check if ur FDM configuration is correct .. Check load balancing server setting ..

siham said...

I'm new to FDM and I wanted to know if anyone shall have documentation on FDM

Hyperionism said...

Siham ,

You can download all docs from oracle site

Matee said...

Hi, the table editor option has now been removed in version 11. Could you please show me the script to delete it?