Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Entering TEXT data in Essbase using Text List

Hi All,

  In essbase 11 onwards there is an option to have planning smartlist like functionality in Essbase cube .. This new functionality is called Text List .. Just like planning smartlist, using essbase text list you can enter Text data in essbase also, you can restrict entries as in smartlist. Following is the process for having textlists in Essbase.

1. Enable type measures for essbase database : Go to Outline Properties and enable Typed measures.

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2. Creating Text List : Just like planning smartlist , create Essbase text list by going into Text List Manager Tab. In below screenshot I have created a text list for inserting ratings.

3. Apply data type as Text and assign TextList : In below example I have assigned Rating Textlist to Rating account.

Now your Essbase tasklist is ready for use .. You can use it just like Smartlist from smartview. Also, using excel ad-in you can simply lock n send text data into Essbase. For calculation purpose just like Smartlist you can use id value ..

-Chinmay Joshi


SUBARNO said...

Hi Chinmoy,

Appreciating Your Effort.
It's really good.

Can you write something about Essbase Product Versioning Enhancement-
Essbase 6.5.x to 9.3.x and 9.3.x to 11.1.x

- What are the benefits the user getting and what issues have solved..

Rajesh Jain said...

Thanks Chinmay !